We are curious. Who are you?


Who are we?


If you really want to make a difference – come make it with us. We give you the chance to do something meaningful, which benefits society and human progress.

We are Siemens

Siemens has 377.000 employees in more than 200 countries and is involved in many industries. We offer our employees many local and global career opportunities. Working with us, you have the foundation to develop personally and professionally. We strive to support you during all career stages. We foster an ownership culture that encourages every individual to take personal responsibility for our company’s success. 

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Who are you?

Do you wish to get a practical education, and are you looking to challenge and develop your career? Are you a curious human being, who seeks to develop something great for the future? If your answer to this is yes, then you might be the perfect candidate for an apprenticeship in Siemens. 

Apprentice in Siemens

As an apprentice in Siemens, you will experience our Ownership Culture at first hand. As an apprentice you are expected to be able to work independently and take responsibility for your own education as well as your tasks. However, you will also become part of a dynamic and diverse team with which you enjoy to cooperate. At Siemens, we aim to create the future, which we believe will be done best through individual responsibility and great cooperation between all divisions and functions. 

A world of opportunities

In Siemens, innovation is a big part of our everyday lives. We thereby have many opportunities and challenges just waiting for you to take on. We strive to develop you both personally and professionally during your apprenticeship. Your education will be tailored to your interests, and the aim is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible. Being an apprentice in Siemens is thereby a great step towards creating the future and developing your personal career.

Meet us!

Meet Siemens

At Siemens, we deliver the answers to some of the world’s toughest questions every day, but do you know the people behind? Meet Siemens, the workplace.

''You get the responsibility you take on yourself. Everyone is heard, and even though I am a Student Worker, my opinion counts equally as everyone else’s.”

– Emma, Graduate and former Student Worker

''I get to work with big infrastructure projects that really makes a difference to our society”

– Therese, Sales Manager, Mobility

Do you want to create a better future?

At Siemens, you can become a ”futuremaker”. Every day we work to build a more sustainable future. Siemens works within various technological business areas, but common to them all is that they help solve many of the challenges the world is facing today, in order to create a better tomorrow. Through curiosity, skills and continuously developing knowledge, we create innovative solutions within Infrastructure and Cities, Energy, Industry and Healthcare. Do you want to build the future with us?

Your career

Your career at Siemens 

Curiosity is the way to innovation.

Education and process

How should your career be? We do not know, but we will provide you with an education that leaves room to experiment with your own ideas and shape your career as you want. You can be an apprentice for between 2 and 5,5 years, and your education will be a combination of school and practical experience. But one thing is for sure, no matter how long your education will be; our focus is on ensuring a high professional learning curve and giving you all the support and guidance you need from highly competent colleagues.

Social networking

At Siemens, we believe that our employees’ well-being a job satisfaction is only ensured if work is combined with a great social network. We have various employee clubs and associations you can join. For all our younger employees, we also have a group for Young Professionals, which gets together occasionally for lunch and other events. Groups and associations like these contribute to create a relaxing and comfortable work atmosphere to all of our employees’ satisfaction, professionally as well as socially.

Seize the opportunity

Whatever dream or idea you have for creating a better future, you can do it with us. The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge is a highly valued quality, and it is a unique opportunity for you to kick start the career you dream of. 

Become one of us

Are you a #futuremaker?

Then come join us. We offer many different educations within technology, IT, logistics, trade and economy.

Becoming an apprentice

In order to become an apprentice, you should have completed a HG2 or an upper secondary education (HHX, STX, HF or HTX). 

Becoming a trainee

Are you applying to become a trainee, you should have completed primary- and lower secondary school/elementary school.

Take your first step towards an exciting career in Siemens

Meet Mads who started as an economy apprentice at Siemens and was offered full time employment, after he ended his apprenticeship. *Note: The article is in Danish.

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It is really an exciting and valuable experience!

Sandra Rieck is a former office apprentice at Siemens. Learn more about her story, about the job and about Siemens as a workplace. *Note: The article is in Danish.

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Do you want to start your career at Siemens?
Take a look at the job opportunities below.

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