Monjasa offers you a fulfilling career in a global organisation, where you will be part of a dynamic and ambitious team. We enjoy great learning opportunities and are proud of our fantastic work environment.

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 "How to succeed at Monjasa?
You should be willing to go that extra mile every time and make the extra effort in all you do.'' 

Doros Mitsingas - Trading Europe

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Monjasa is a global partner in the oil and shipping industries. Our core business includes reselling and physical supply of marine fuels, oil terminal operations and ship-owning activities on a global level.We are characterised by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and have achieved strong growth on a global scale since our start in 2002.

We are truly global

We are a global company. The majority of your colleagues and clients will be spread all over the world. Even if you choose a position that does not require you to travel, you will still feel the international dynamic: the work environment is multicultural, the colleague at the desk next to you is likely to be of a different nationality and/or religion, and you’ll discover that we cope with all time zones.

Bunkering is a tough business where the difference between success and failure is razor-thin. You must be better, faster and sharper every day to survive. This is the case for Monjasa more than most, as it is in our DNA to actively seek the biggest challenges and toughest markets. Even though we are very successful, we are still hungry and eager for new challenges. These are also key traits we are looking for in prospective employees.

  Shipping                     Medium                  Fredericia & Hellerup

We are young and agile

We are a young company experiencing rapid growth. We are still on our way, and for better and worse we do not yet have a full-fledged corporate culture. Some may find this to be problematic, but we think there are also clear advantages: your ideas can help shape our future. It also means we are agile, open and informal. Our organisational structure is flat, and we can react quickly when new opportunities arise.

We smile

We want our workday to be enjoyable. In fact, “smile” is engraved right at the core of Monjasa. We appear formal in our business suits, yet the atmosphere at our offices is often relaxed and informal. Guests often pick up on the positive vibes when they visit. We are a sociable lot, and quite often you’ll find us unwinding together after work. ”

We are family

As a Monjasa employee you are part of a family where we help and support each other. We have ambitious goals, and we intend to reach them through teamwork. Whilst we encourage you to show drive and determination, it is crucial for us that you do not strive for success at the expense of fellow colleagues.

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Inside Monjasa

Respect, Ambition, Curiosity and Smile & Joy. These are our four core values.
This is how we live them on a daily basis.

We are forever hungry

We are truly global

We are young and agile


We are

We provide diverse opportunities

We have drive and personality

We go the extra mile

We are

I love the

"I treasure the personal and professional opportunities at Monjasa. I have found, that if you are committed and willing to learn, you can keep developing by taking on new tasks and responsibilities as you go along. This opportunity has definitely kept me happy at Monjasa."

Dorte Lene Jeppesen
Controller Assistant, Europe

I enjoy freedom
and personal


 "I have found a great amount of freedom balanced with personal responsibility at Monjasa.

You can climb the corporate ladder in your own pace. If you work hard and prove your worth, there is no limit to what you can achieve. At the same time, I also think it is great to work in a company with a family culture and great comradeships amongst colleagues."

Frederik Jungmark
Trading, Americas

Your career

We offer a wide range of exciting career opportunities 

Monjasa Academy

When you are a trainee at Monjasa, we offer various opportunities to build your career starting as a trainee. Depending on your commitment and desires, we may offer you a full-time position after completing the Trainee programme.

Onboarding programme

Already before your first day at Monjasa, you will be acquainted with Monjasa Academy and our onboarding programme. This is designed to swiftly introduce you to the Monjasa organisation and business. Starting in a new job is a big leap – we make sure that you land on both feet.

Offering guidance and modern learning techniques

At Monjasa, you will be guided to maximise your potential and gain greater insights into our business. We strongly believe in developing all aspects of our employees, therefore we support you not only in improving your knowledge, skills and competencies, but also your personal abilities in teamwork, cooperation and communication.

Trainee programmes

We offer Trainee positions within various professions. Here you find more detailed information about each role. Watch our video and learn more about our shipping programme.

Oil & Shipping

As a Monjasa Oil & Shipping Trainee (MOST), you become part of a global two-year programme that combines hands-on experi­ence and in-depth industry knowledge. As part of our MOST programme, you will be working as either a Bunker Trader Trainee or an Operator Trainee.


We offer Finance Trainees a unique opportunity to get to know Monjasa from behind the scenes. From the outset, you will be responsible for distinct parts of our cash flow while continuously expanding your area of responsibility in line with your capabilities and development.

IT Supporter

Monjasa’s IT Department provides state-of-the-art IT solutions to the entire Group. Being an IT Supporter Trainee requires an international mind-set and the right motivation to always provide that extra service to your colleagues. Gain a lot of hands-on experience.

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Of course you have all the right papers: the right qualifications, the handsome CV. This shows you’ve got talent. But talent is not enough at Monjasa. We believe that success is also attributed to hard work and drive (and perhaps a little luck). Drive is fuelled by passion, and passion is spurred by our desire to grow as a person. Be open to discover your full potential and let your true colours shine.

Our future builds on the people we bring in today

Trainee programmes Monjasa

When you are a trainee at Monjasa, we offer various opportunities to build your career starting as a trainee. Depending on your commitment and desires, we may offer you a full-time position after completing the Trainee programme.

Vi søger trainees igen i 2021!

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